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United-Nations-Security-CouncilTo: Banki Moon, UN. Secretary General,

CC: UN Security Council, New York,

CC: American Embassy for Somalia, Nairobi

CC: Office of European Commission for Somalia (UE), Nairobi

CC: UNSOM/AU/IGAD/Arab League/Muslim world League/Republic of Turkey

Subject: Democracy is abused in Southwest Somalia – Sex Regions

The ongoing political crises in Southwest Somalia it has been clearly detected that the principal of democracy, human rights and god governance, development of federal system have being dishonored in Somalia by UNSOM leadership after they have rejected to respect the willing and the voice of Southwest People in large, particular Digil and Mirifle Community.

Sharif Hassan, ex MP Somali Federal Government, now nominated himself as President of Southwest Somalia (SW3) in Baidoa Airport under the protection of UNSOM/AMISOM. This was a wrong historical action that was totally biased and it is against the willing of southwest People, Digil and Mirifle. This dishonored also the process of building federal administrations and good governance in southwest communities.

It was clearly understood 100% that Sharif Hassan was not elected in a clean and fair process but he was elected by using very danger tool which is “bribe and rule them easily” and this immoral trick had unfortunately attracted some of Digil and Mirifle politicians and some of the self-nominated elders in parts of Southwest areas in Somalia, to those have no sense of ethical and vision to develop their people.

Additionally, Sharif Hassan’s self-elected Administration was unwisely and mistakenly recognized by some of International community, in particular UNSOM under the leader ship of Mr. Nicklas Kay and the president of Somali Federal Government Mr. Hassan Sheikh.   We are really confused how democracy and god governance is translated like this way. And the agencies and the personal that UN Security Council under its Security Council Resolution 2012 (2013), 6959th meeting, on2 May 2013 trusted UNSOM office in Mogadishu to deliver this important mission to Somalis, but UNSOM is not any more working as it was intended their mandate.

According UNSOM mandate include “ UNSOM would help build the Federal Government’s capacity to promote respect for human rights and women’s empowerment, promote child protection, prevent conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence, and strengthen justice institution”   This means UNSOM must make sure that   human rights is respected in Somalia and building good governance though the Somali Federal Government”   unfortunately , Somali Federal Government had no what so ever called respect to southwest people.  Many human rights violation incidents had reported in Lowe Shebelle for 2014 and still continuing , but no one seems is interested to highlight and report this incidents at all. We do not understand how UNSOM is seeing human rights violations in Somalia while today they have in Mogadishu.

We, southwest people believe that Hassan Sheikh Administration is doing business to his own interest and other political purpose. Hassan Sheikh Administration and UNSOM leadership respected only to one man business, Sharif Hassan administration that have no vision and plan to build good governance that belongs to the people and working for the people.

Totally the participation and the power sharing to of the indigenous people had totally neglected. The reason is that, they are not armed and they are peace people.   Southwest State Power had fallen to those have invaded Lower Shebelle region and Sharif Hassan had given to them top priority, means top minster posts.

It is really impressing and very painful that UNSOM leadership in Somalia cannot detect these issues in Somalia, while the Representative UN Secretary General Mr. Nickolas Kay is living Mogadishu and only enjoying the nice weather and very protected office in Mogadishu.

On the hand, while the earlier of 3 March 2014, Madoobe Nuunow Mohamed is fairly elected as the president of Southwest State SW6 by the majority of Southwest People, particular Digil and Mirifle communities, unfortunately this opportunity is being intentionally missed , underestimated and misjudged by UNSOM, AMISOM and Somali Federal Government .

We strongly believe that Sharif Hassan is using government funds to bribe and is behaving like dictator. He has no consultation and concuss to the communities and he seems that he is a man for all, I can say like king This self-declared and self-ruled administration has support from UNSOM and as well AMISOM, Ethiopian and Hassan Sheikh Administration.   Instead it is clear that no one wants to give attention to the people’s voices, elders and civil societies and the willing of what people have chosen, “Democracy”.  Democracy is now understood in Somalia in a very negative sett and most people from Southwest Somalia, six regions, particular Digil and Mirifle Community, lost hope to get good governance in Somalia from the current UNSOM administration in Somalia,

On the other hand,  AMISOM under Ethiopian troops had blocked and threatened many times that Madoobe Nuunow Supporters to held peace demonstration in Baidoa to protest Sharif Hassan Administration and they have totally declined to respect democracy and people’s opinions.

For this above circumstances, Southwest people are forced to start political relationship outside to this trend to sake to save our land, people and our basic rights.   This is another long journey that is force us to take in order to correct the mistakes that have done to that UN Security Council trusted to deliver the right job, but went to wrong direction. Maybe this new approach it will not make happy to UNSOM, AMISOM and Hassan Sheikh Administration, but is our only option we have and we must do it.


We, southwest people are ready to struggle to get for free and fair administration in Southwest Somalia. It is now about two years that we were involved to build a fair-minded administration the people elected their hands.   But, contrary to this, we have not seen any progress   from UNSOM and Somali Federal Government sides to understand the real situation of Southwest people.

If we do pay attention today the voices o of Southwest people with peaceful manner, Its likely think to expect give what we call search democracy with conflict which many times demonstrated in this world is the only solution that the victim can reached to get peace and democracy and of course to respected to be hear his voice. And again, we, Southwest People are ready to continue to struggle the road of democracy, respect human rights, and good governance to our community by any means, any costs and any time.    We believe also that Southwest People will not give up reinstalling their dignity and democracy in Somalia.

Finally, we would like to send here our message, our voice, our will to UN Security Council, EU and American Embassy for Somalia to send fact finding mission to Somalia, particular Southwest People (six regions) to investigate the inappropriate interpretation and implementation of democracy, federal states and good governance in Somalia. It is important to have great accountability and transparency to perform the good work that UN Security Council is doing in Somalia

My last word is that, please do not spend donor’s funs to use to destroy good governance system and to misled peoples willing “democracy”, otherwise you will be part of the problems. It is very pain that sometimes the Voice of Southwest people is not reaching the right people, because of too many irregularities and information gatekeepers exist in Somali media and Somali Federal Government.

Finally, we thank to UN and The different International Community that spends every day more than half million dollar in Somalia to assist security and good governance operations in Somalia, but it is not wise that we fail this great attempt and hope that led till us to reach our goal for peace and good governance in ALL Somalia. We, hope the UN Security Council will send fact finding mission to get the real facts in Southwest Somalia, I mean the six regions.

Cabdi sheeq, Speaker

Voice of Southwest Peoples Party (VSPP)

19 Januay 2105


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3 Responses for “Letter to UN Security Council”

  1. eelaay wiiq says:

    Kkkkkkk.. eeelaaay wiiiq markaan leeyahay dad badan ayaa ila yaabo.

    Maanta ha ila yaabina wax baan idiin tusayaaye: Warqadaan ma xuma , in figrad siyaasadeed lasoo jeediyo ama iimaheeda la sheego ama mowqifkaada la cadeeyo ma xuma.


    Waxaa bar kuma taal ah in aad identity gaada aaf qariso adoo isku tusaayo in aad qadiyad umad u doodeyso.

    Qofka qoraalkaan kan qoray cid taqaan ma jirto sababtoo ah identity giisa wuu qariyey.

    Waa dhibaatada heysata qowmiyadaan DM la yiraahdo ma jiro hal siyaasi oo meel fagaare ah ka jeedin kara mowqifkiisa siyaasadeed ee dhabta ah ilaa uu isqariyo mooyee, waana sida uu sameeyey kan warkaan soo qoray.. waa ducufo rabaani ah!

    Sidaas awgeed, ANIGA waxaan u bixiyey. EELAAY WIIQ.

  2. aad ayaan ula dhacay erayada iyo habka siyaasada ,loomaraayo waayo reer koofur galbeed hadii aa nahay waxaa run waxaan jecelnahay dimuqraadiyada laakiin dimuqraadiyada waa lagu tuntay, waxaa kutuntay shariif xasan oo dantiisa qaaska ah raadsanaayo asagoo islamarkaa u adeegaayo hawiye ,marka hadii aanahay shacabka reer koofur galbeed yaan laga daalin raadinta xaqeena , maskaxdiina kuhaaya inaan marna laga maarmin qaadashada hubka , hadalka iyo hubka haisdabasocdeen sidaasaan kuheleynaa xaqeena hadiikale cid dhag jalaq idiinsiineyso majiraan waa labadaasi iney is daba socdaan si xaqeena aan u helno waa in lasoo nooleeyaa RRA, waa in garab lasiiyaa Biimaal, Waain afgooye daka degan warcad laga keenaa dhalintooda hadii dagaalka ay kaqeeyb qaadanaayaan ama waa iney hanti dhiibaan , waana sida xaqa ah kii dagaalka gobanimo doonka aan kaqeyb qadaneynin waa inuu hanti kaga qeyb qaataa, hadiikale gobolka ay nooga guuraan culeyska naga qaadaan,

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