Who Destroyed Somali Hopes And Dreams? Part IV By: Abdulkadir “Jangeli”

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Abdulkadir-Aden-Mohamud-“Jangeli”The literature you are about to read is divided into several parts. Its contents are based on facts and fictions. The players are the stakeholders of Somali politics and plights: Ethiopia, Kenya, Al-shabaab, “fadhikudirir,” so called parliament and the rest of the world.

Omar Abdirashid has been appointed again as PM of Somalia and the parliament gave him an overwhelming vote of confidence to run what the president wants him to do. Meanwhile, the grandmother of Mana, (the little girl that Farah sakiin killed in the car accident) is wondering from office to office why her daughter Fahma has not been paid the blood money of her little girl. The grandmother went to so many government offices to complain about the incident and the answers that she received were: This happens every day, or it is casualty of the civil war.

The grandmother is well known woman who became very famous in the ‘80s when Dr. Afrah met her in Hamarweyne, Mogadishu and wrote extensively about her love story titled “ Mana Fai”. When every government official find out that she is Mana Fai , they stand up and welcome her with open heart, however she receives no help for her grievance. She is not alone. Like Mana Fai, there are thousands of mothers who face the same situation and don’t sleep very well because of grievances.

Farah Sakiin is about to leave from Addis into Mogadishu, but before he does, he wants to know the opinion of Ethiopians about Omar and Hassan. He found out that they are very happy with Hassan and they don’t mind minor disagreements as long as it does not disrupt Ethiopian goals and the plans they layout for Somalia. And as for Omar, they think he will be alright based on his past record and how he administered the nation before. They assured to Mr. Sakiin they can work with these two individuals. In Fact, they came up with this conclusion after intensive Cabinet meeting soon after Abuweli was ousted.

Mariumu: Today our agenda is the assessment of the Somali issues and the related subjects.

Girgis: Mr. Prime Minister before begin, I am pleased to inform you and my colleagues that we have completed the purchase of 17 ships today.

Barhanu: Wow 17 ships! What types of ships?

Girgis: They are composed as follows: 2 torpedo destroyers, 2 frigates, 1 aircraft carrier, 2 corvettes, 2 amphibious assault ships, 1 minesweeper, 1 submarine, 2 pair trawlers, 1 outrigger trawler, 1 stern trawler, 2 general cargo ships 1 livestock carrier and 1 oil tanker.

Marium: Gentlemen, as you know we have the best airline in Africa based on quality as well as quantity, now we have the second best Navy in Africa after SA. And we are landlocked…KKKk!

Barhanu: I wonder how it is possible to have all these ships in such a short period.

Alamanie: We are a landlocked country as mentioned Mr.PM, so where and which seaports are we going to dock all these ships and how much royalties they will cost us yearly?

Mariumu: Thanks to Brother Zenawi who had a vision of taking over the longest seashores in Africa that even our ancestor use to claim for so long, but could not reach before now. Very soon it will belong to us including Kismayo where the Kenyans wanted dearly.

Alamanie: Mr. PM I understand, but where did we get the money to buy all these ships?

Marium: KKKKK…. Our Arab brothers loaned to us and these ships are not very expensive. We bought most of them from ex-Soviet union empire.

Almanie: But why did we need to buy so many pairs of war ships?

Barhanu: Because they are intended to operate in the Indian Ocean while others are operating in the Golf of Aden.

Alamanie: How about the navy officers and crew that will operate and maintain these ships?

Barhanu: 270 Navy officers including 30 first class captains are ready. Also 20,000 navy crews and seamen are ready. PM Zinawi ordered to have all these men trained before he passed away.

Alamanie: Mr. Prime Minister, is it possible that the so-called Federal Government and mini regional governments will be irritated when they see our fleets in their seashores and seaport.

Mariumu: No, because from 1993 up until now we were planning the disintegration of Somalia and we were putting in charge unfit leaders in the central government and regional government. If we find out a Somali leader who has little patriotism and doesn’t fit our design, we get rid of him from the system. That is how we accomplished to run directly or indirectly 90 percent of of Somalia. Kismayo and Brawe are the latest spots we are taking over.

Girgis: Thanks to Sharif Hassan and Ahmed Madobe.

Mariumu: Hassan Sheikh and his Damu-Jadid spearheaded this plan. And our man Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir is leaving tomorrow to go back toSomalia.

Alamanie: Is he Ok now? How is the finger?

Mariumu: He is Ok.

Alamanie: How about Kenyans? Are they happy with our plan?

Mariumu: Kenyans are followers! So they can’t do anything about Somali affairs unless we tell them so. In fact, we have a joint security exercise plan which we are going to implement very soon.

Alamaine: I’v always wondered why Somali fighters/insurgents kill Kenyans and destroy their industry of tourism and not come to our country and do the same?

Mariumu: Kkkkkk … there are couple of reasons why Somalis don’t attack us: A) we divided Somalis to rule and we have recruited most of the clan chiefs, religion organizations and leaders of the regions. B) We know what is happing in any spot in Somalia including areas Al-Shabab control, because we have spies operating in almost every city, town and village in Somalia. C) We have to approve every Somali leader regardless of their level in the central or regional government.

Girgis: In another words, we don’t fight with Somalis but recruit them with pennies and hallow position to make them happy to work for us. Meanwhile, Kenyans are running around with guns, creating trouble and hostility.

Alamanie: Why do they do that?

Girgis: Because we advised them to do that…..kkkkkk isn’t it a wonderful plan to create an enemy for them so they will not turn against us?

Mariumu: Let me tell you what our great leader Zinawi advised me the last minutes before he departed to paradise: “Never repeat the mistakes we did in the past which was the invasion of 2006 to the capital city Mogadishu. Somalis are the best people to rule, but you have to play with their cards if you want to reach the Indian Ocean and Golf of Aden. You have to be polite with them even when you are going to cut their throats. Make the clan leaders important and useful for the Ethiopian Empire and indicate how their clan is very special to Ethiopia. Somalis are all politicians and they love to be leader regardless of the position, so promise every one of them position like: President of the Federal Government, Prime Minister, Regional President, Mayor of the city, Sergeant of the village, King of the Clan, any hallow title is good for them.” At the end, our beloved leader told me to put on top of the ladder those who we think serve the best interest of Ethiopia over Somalia and eliminate those who go against our way..

Alamanie: If that’s the case, why are we sending troops to Somalia now?

Mariumu: They are not under the name of Ethiopian Troops. They are part of AMISOM. There is a couple of advantages to be part of AMISOM: A) All cost will be met by the international community. B) if some of our soldiers make mistakes like rape someone, AMISOM will be responsible…KKK!

………………………To be Continued Part V

By Abdulkadir Aden Mohamud “jangeli”


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