Who destroyed Somali hopes and dreams? By: Abdulkadir “Jangeli”

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Abdulkadir-Aden-Mohamud-“Jangeli”The literature you are about to read is divided into several parts. Its contents are based on facts and fictions. The players are the stakeholders of Somali politics and plights: Ethiopia, Kenya, Al-shabaab, “fadhikudirir,” so called parliament and the rest of the world.

Hassan came back from Addis after he attended the Birthday of Mrs. Malutu. The parliament is divided on the motion to sack the prime minister. About 80 members of the parliament argued that this motion is an unconstitutional act because there were no prior incidents where the prime minister failed to lead the nation. These 80 members firmly believed the unconstitutionality of the motion, and they Shouted and chanted “Somaliyey Toosa” whenever house speaker Jawari tried to present the motion papers. As a result, Hassan and Farah called speaker Jawari and they instructed him that if he does not pass the motion within five days, he will be sacked himself as well……. Farah gave him some helpful hints on how he will be able to contain and control the chanting members.

Farah: Listen Jawari, I know that the international community is pressuring you to stop the motion and have asked you to mediate between the president and “our enemy” the prime minister. I really sympathize that you are in between a hammer and the anvil, so my suggestions are: A) Meet all your friends and clan members in the parliament individually and tell them to denounce publicly the motion, but they will vote against Abduweli when the voting day comes. B) Never disclose how you will conduct the voting method whether secret ballot or raising hands until the day of voting comes.

Jawari: Thanks Farah! You saved my skin from Amb. Kay and President Hassan, but I don’t want Sharif Sakin to become president of South Western Regions.

Farah: Don’t worry he will not be in office for more than 3 months, but now we want to use him for this motion. He has lot of Friends in the parliament and we need them for now.

Jawari: But we are talking about Mr Sakin. You know how he is manipulative and corrupt. If he stays in office for three months it will be the end of Bay. Ethiopia is going to annex it.

Farah: Don’t fret about that. Baidhabo will not be alone! A lot of Regions will fall into annexation.

Jawari: What that supposed to mean?

Farah: The plan is no longer a mystery. If you read the book titled “tales of African Dreamtime” by Magdalene Sacranie and illustrated by Sahra Bramley on Amazon.com you will see how Somalia will be no longer on the African Map.

Shariif Hassan has been elected/selected to be president for three Regions (South-Western Regions) and President Hassan and lot of parliament members went to Baydhabo for the inauguration of the 10th president running Somali affairs. Also, Nicholas Kay went as usual to be a witness and give his blessings as he did for the six regions under Madobe Nuunow presidency.

At the airport, President Sharif Hassan welcomed president Hassan Sheikh with pennants and Flags. If you look carefully at this military honor salute picture below, which took place during President Hassan’s visit into Baidhabo for the inauguration of Shariif Hassan, the biggest flying Flag is the Ethiopian Flag and the smallest flag is the Somalia Flag.

Shariif Sakiin: Welcome and thank you for coming to my inauguration while you are still struggling to get rid of Abduweli.

Hassan: Thank you! One of the reasons I came during this troubled time is because I need your help.

Shariif Sakiin: How can I help you Mr.President?

Hassan: Mr. President, I am asking humbly for you to assure me that all your friends in the parliament vote against Abduweli. He is an enemy of you, me and our interest groups: Ethiopians and Kenyans.

Shariif Sakiin: I knew from day one that Abduweli is hard headed. I’ll definitely help you as you requested, but I need to kick out Madobe Nuunow from my territory as soon as possible. Ethiopians are ready to help me with that and I will also need your support. You have seen how Ethiopians saluted you at the airport waving the three color 20 sq. ft flag. Kkkkkkk! That shows how happy they are with your actions Mr. President.

Hassan: Consider it done.

Shariif Sakiin: Shake hands.

Hassan came back into Mogadishu and he met the opposition members of the parliament. He showed a gloomy face and indicated that the motion will not pass because he has no enough parliamentarians to sack Abduweli. So he wants to reconcile with the Prime minister. The parliamentarians took a good faith on what the president of the nation informed them. The next day, journalists asked Mr. Hassan if he dropped the motion and accepted mediation. Mr. Hassan did not confirm any changes regarding his position. Next day, the Parliament session took place for removal of Prime Minister.

Jawari: Here is how we conduct the vote: A) Vote will not be a secret ballot….it will be the raising of the right hand and will remain up until instructed to put it down. B) We have 7 rows of seating in here…I will call on each row to raise their hands to vote for, against or abstain from the motion.

To be continued part III


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