Man Fathers 158 Children, has 500 Grand Children

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At the time of his death in November 2011 at the age of 103, the world war Veteran left behind 158 children and 500 grandchildren.

Lieutenant Jack Kigongo was a resident of  Kateera village in Kiboga district.

According to his son Patrick Bulira Kigongo, he had 20 wives but by the time of his death he had 11 wives.

Most of Kigongo’s children are not well off. They are vending fruits in Kateera trading centre.

It is said that Kigongo’s family was once prosperous but was impoverished by the NRA bush war which lasted for 5 years.

At one time before the NRA war Kigongo owned a coffee factory, two lorries, a big herd of cattle which were looted and destroyed during the war.

Kigongo had two homes in Kateera. The mansion was the main home where 12 of his wives stayed while eight lived in his second home.

Kigongo’s eldest son is aged 60 years and the youngest is 15 years.

Kigongo put up his own primary school and a church for his children and grandchildren.

At one time, 80 out of a school population of 130 were his children.

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